Why Floor Preparation is Important !

Preparing a surface for treatment or coating is important for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons surface prep is so important.

More Efficient Use of Coatings
If a surface is prepped and ready to receive a coating or sealant, then you will use less sealant. This can add up when you see the cost of coatings. Without good prep, you will be disappointed in the results you get from surface preparation.

Renews Concrete
Concrete can look rough and worn over time. There are plenty of solutions for making concrete look like new again. Chemical strippers can only do so much. A concrete shot blaster can remove the top layer that looks rough and prepares your concrete surface for the application of coatings, paints, or sealants so it will look like it has been totally repoured.

Diamond Grinders
A diamond grinder can create a very smooth finish that takes all coatings very well. The laser level finish created is perfect for applying any coats and offers the best results. Diamond grinding equipment provides superior results that are hard to match for those that want the smoothest surface possible.

Removes Stains
Stains are a very common complaint among those that have older concrete to deal with. Surface prep means that stains can be totally removed or covered. Stains can make concrete look pretty terrible. Deep stains may require a heavy top coating to eliminate their appearance. It can be hard to tell how deep a stain goes, so most people just choose to resurface entirely.

Cracks Can Spread Without Attention
There are many ways to treat concrete cracks, but it is important to patch cracks as soon as they appear. This requires paying attention to your surface and not putting off repairs. Part of surface prep is patching spots that need some extra help. After this is done a top coating or sealant can be applied. Patches need to be done well to prevent them from showing through when a surface coating is applied.

Ensures Quality Results
Uneven results can be caused by lack of surface prep. Make sure that you always take the time to assess what must be done to create the proper surface for what you are trying to achieve. Long lasting and good looking results are only possible with proper prep and high quality eqyuipment. Shortcuts simply do not exist when it comes to concrete resurfacing.

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