Floor Levelling

A flat/level floor is of the upmost importance when it comes to floor preparation.

Prep Solutions Flooring Specialists achieve this by:

  • Grinding any inconsistencies in the floor, key grind of all areas and cleaning away contaminants. This is the most critical step of floor levelling when it comes to long lasting bond of cementitious floor levellers.
  • Priming of substrate using high penetrating primers ensuring levelling products have a long-lasting bond.
  • Mixing of self-levelling compounds. This can be done in various ways including: Hand mixers, portable levelling mixers or concrete pump.
  • Application of levelling compound. Prep Solutions Flooring Specialists can achieve floors suitable for carpet, vinyl and concrete refurbishments. Also, timber, parquetry and tile floors to a 3mm in 3m substrate standard
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